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I have released ‘Partimento: A Beginner Method for Classical Improvisation’. This book teaches the reader improvisation through updating the method of Partimento for the modern student. Through seven stages we walk through all of main techniques of improvisation such as Cadences, Rule of the Octave, Sequences, and Modulations in a practical way, using over 50 newly composed partimenti.

Partimento Realisations

Discover the teaching methods of the 17th-19th centuries – Partimento. This section contains realisations of partimenti along with descriptions and downloads of the score and audio.

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Watch educational videos introducing key concepts such as Intervals, Chords, and Consonance vs. Dissonance.

FAQ – Partimento, Improvisation

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Find answers to questions like ‘What is Partimento?’, ‘What makes Partimento effective?’, ‘Will studying Partimento teach me to improvise classical music?’.

It’s amazing to see how partimenti are gaining momentum almost day by day, and Improving Pianists is a remarkable confirmation of this.

Giorgio Sanguinetti

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