Durante – Regola 27

Technique in focus:
“On the tie of a 2nd and a perfect 4th”


My simple realisation of Durante’s regola 27 “On the tie of a 2nd and a perfect 4th”. This partimento is to train the player to resolve the 4/2 (by moving to 6/3) and the perfect 4th (by falling to the 3rd). I have included the bass, a three voice realisation, and a two part realisation. Like with all partimenti, there are many levels of complexity and therefore many possible realisations. I have kept these partimenti simple, to give some indication of how one may begin to approach a realisation. After the partimento, I have included the PDF download and audio files for the realisations.


Durante: Regola 27 – Bassline (bars 1-12)
Durante: Regola 27 – Three part realisation (bars 13-24)
Durante: Regola 27 – Two Part realisation (bars 25-26)


By Connor Gaydon

I am a Music graduate specialising in Musicology (primarily Partimento and Analysis). My dissertation (the chapters of which can be found on my website) focuses on understanding the Partimento method, how it was taught, the benefits it brought to students, and how we could integrate it into modern musical education. I taught piano for five years from 2014-2019 to over 70 students of Beginner to Intermediate standards before moving into Business where I work as a Business Analyst. On my website, Improving Pianists, I upload essays, book reviews, and Partimento Realisations to broaden and deepen the knowledgebase of myself and those reading. I am part of the burgeoning Partimento community by attending the second mentiParti 2019, and guest-speaking virtually in 2021. In 2022/2023 I have released my first book, 'Partimento: A Beginner Method for Classical Improvisation' on my website.