Partimento Realisation

Durante – Regola 27

Technique in focus:
“On the tie of a 2nd and a perfect 4th”


My simple realisation of Durante’s regola 27 “On the tie of a 2nd and a perfect 4th”. This partimento is to train the player to resolve the 4/2 (by moving to 6/3) and the perfect 4th (by falling to the 3rd). I have included the bass, a three voice realisation, and a two part realisation. Like with all partimenti, there are many levels of complexity and therefore many possible realisations. I have kept these partimenti simple, to give some indication of how one may begin to approach a realisation. After the partimento, I have included the PDF download and audio files for the realisations.


Durante: Regola 27 – Bassline (bars 1-12)
Durante: Regola 27 – Three part realisation (bars 13-24)
Durante: Regola 27 – Two Part realisation (bars 25-26)


By Connor Gaydon

I am a Music graduate and piano teacher for 5+ years. I have created a range of resources to broaden and deepen the knowledgebase of the Improving Pianists community.